Sunday, April 11, 2010

Top 11: You know you're a chilenized yanqui when...

11. You can't believe the amount of shopping people do in the States.

10. You are overwhelmed (and perhaps even amused or disgusted) by the material wealth of the United States.

9. Sometimes when a family member or friend suggests eating out, you say, "but we have so much food in the refrigerator at home."

8. You ask for referrals for services and products all the time. You are also very practiced in negotiating prices.

7. You occasionally use wordreference dictionary to translate from Chilensis to English.

6. Spanglish is your language of choice.

5. You can make a seven course meal even with the fridge and pantry almost empty.

4. You check the dates on the milk, yogurt, etc. while shopping at the store to make sure it's not already expired.

3. Half of your facebook friends are Chilean, and your friends and family from home complain that they can't understand most of you facebook page (because it's all in Spanish.)

2. And you know you are Santiaguized when...acting like a total bitch (especially to strangers) - te sale a flor de piel - comes naturally.

1. You think about a thought in a thousand different ways (te day mil vueltas a un pensamiento) before saying it to assure yourself there's not one possible sexual interpretation of what you are about to say.

hehehehe, feel free to add your own ideas :)