Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So there is an English library in downtown Santiago, sort of

In an earlier post, I said downtown Santiago needs its very own English libaray. I was told that the "biblioredes" from the metro has a small collection of books in English at the Plaza de Armas metro stop. Miiiiiiitsch! So I donated a book in English, The DaVinci Code. I handed it in at Los Heroes and they will take care of getting it to Plaza de Armas. And I definitely will be checking out the English books there at some undesignated moment in the future. This should be interesting.

Edit July 26: So I went to the Plaza de Armas bibliored the other day and the only books they had in English were a couple of photography books. Mine had yet to arrive.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My map of downtown Santiago

Traveling/and planning trips sure has changed in some ways with the internet. Facebook, peoples maps, blogs, google and other internet tools are excellent means for planning your travels.

I started to read this article, but have yet to finish because I got sidetracked with one of his piece's of advice.

I got to paragraph three where you can make your own google map. They look kind of like these: Here you can get a geographical depiction of Matt's drunken walkabout. While here, you can see the general vicinity of Mike's home in Taichung City, and here you can min carta over bloggvanner. You see how useful this tool is?

So I made my own map.
my map of downtown Santiago . I'll probably be editing and expanding it as time passes.

Any other bloggers up for making a Santiago or other city map? Please send me the link if you do your own :) It seems they could be quite useful.