Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Immigration to the US: Filing a change of address

Heads up to present and future immigrants and their spouses.

V and I have been in the States for like 7 months now, and just moved for the first time within the States, like a month ago.

We just moved to Portland, Oregon, and thus had to file two forms. One was a change of address form for V, the permanent resident: AR-11. The other was for me. It's the I-865, the sponsor's change of address form. As far as I know, it needs to be sent in by mail. The AR-11 is supposed to be filed 10 days after the move and the I-865 about 30 days after the move. Lots of people don't do it, or do it late, but you could potentially get fined and I'm not sure what else for not doing it.

This British Expat Forum has info on this. Just use the search box to find what you need.

The AR-11 can be filed online.
The I-865 must be sent in. I believe that clicking here and scrolling down you can get the most recent form.