Sunday, September 14, 2008

Killing time at the border

On the way back from Mendoza this weekend, V and I and tons of other people were waiting to re-enter Chile for 3 or 4 hours. This is what the line to go through border control/customs looked like:

There were some big pieces of plastic laying on the mountain and sledding tracks. But no one was sliding. After 45 minutes sitting and waiting, nauseated from the bus and truck fumes, I finally grabbed the plastic and hiked up the side of the mountain to try it out and breathe some fresh air.

I made it look so fun, it soon turned into the pass time of a bunch of people in our situation. Granted, some one had been sliding before we got there, bc there were butt tracks and plastic already there.

And the onlookers:

There were even a couple of Chilean women who tried it out while wearing boots with stiletto heels. Impressive.


Isabel said...

That's a great video! I so saw you guys sliding down the hill on the bus back from Mendoza! We weren't allowed to get off so I just sat in envy for 3 hours.

Maeskizzle said...

Suck! You should have told the bus driver off. They can't make you sit on the bus. el weon patudo.

Leigh said...

Way to make the taco fun! I remember waiting in that line for like 5 hours once with no food and a movie about a massacre playing on the bus's loudspeakers. Wish I'd had a plastic bag.